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Doganer Architectural Signage Systems

Abour Us

Doğaner Architectural Signage Systems launched in 1991 with the name of “Doğaner Signage and Decoration”. Having reorganized in 2005, Doğaner have been continuing its operation with her new name; “Doğaner Architectural Signage Systems”.

Started with producing interior and exterior signage, Doğaner have extended its range of products with Curved System, Flat System (Plasma), Lens Covered Interior and Exterior Routing Panels, Exit Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Illuminated/Unilluminated Information Booths, Wall and Corner Guards, Interior&Exterior Illuminated/Unilluminated Totems.

After making an agrement with Nova Polymers in earl 2015, which produces ADA compliant signage photopolymer plates, Doğaner have began to manufacture ADA and TS1911 compliant interior/exterior signage.

All of the products are produced by our company, sales and marketing also done by us.

“Doğaner” products are the result of merge of modern architectural designs with old hand designers.

All of our products are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards. All product carries a 3 year warranty.

The most important factor why Doğaner is an international company is protects its principles. In this context, our company having adopted a corporate governance policy, quality, openness, and performance in the strength and diversity issues not only provide quality products and services, but also continue its activities with success in line with the achievement of social responsibility.


* To become one of the most preferred brand in the World.


* To be a leader in architectural signage systems,

* To improve signage systems sector,

* To fabricate products for our customers in order to feel themselves ease and safe in a new environment and provide customer satisfaction.